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James Draudt

Vocals, Guitar


He's the man out front.

And he's somethin' special.

Unbridled talent wrapped up in an incredible human - evident with every chord he plays and every song he sings.

Will Young

Bass, Backing Vocal


One part melodic

Two parts locomotive.


Will's relentless approach to the only instrument that can physically resonate within your soul and move a dumpster at the same time!


James Allan Burruto


James is an elite fighter pilot within the universe of the guitar.

From his early years at Berklee College of Music to his decades on the road...


Jimmy breathes life into everything plays.

Tim Wainwright

Drums, Video Director

This guy lays down our heartbeat .


Tim effortlessly takes us from the top floor of a ragging roof party...

to the deepest underground groove!

He also directs some pretty badass videos for TMFT!


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