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Matt Ferris



Matt Ferris is an undeniable force of nature, he's spent decades fronting everything from rock bands to performing andrew Lloyd webber's Judas in Jesus Christ Super Star! 


Jenna Riddell


This powerhouse of a woman will send shivers down your spine and not look back! You can find Jenna fronting various Rock Bands in Upstate New York as well as performing for the Rochester Music Hall of Fame with artists like Joan Osborne to members of the Eagles! She's pretty special, and we love having her in our tribe!


Will Young

Bass, Backing Vocal

One part melody, two parts locomotive.

Will's full-throttle approach to entertainment is evident in everything he does! From start to finish, you'll always get both barrels from this guy!


Mike Caputo

Guitar, backing Vocals

Mike is an elite fighter pilot within the universe of the guitar, breathing life into everything he plays. Don't be fooled by his virtuosity, he is an uncaged animal when the need arises, and his six-string assault is always ready to go defcon 11!


Tim Wainwright

Drums, Samples, Percussion

This guy lays down our heartbeat.

Tim effortlessly takes us from the top floor of a raging roof party... to the deepest underground groove! His decades of playing professionally are second only to his ability to drive this band to be its absolute best!

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Tim Henke

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Tim is our mad scientist capable of recreating any sound imaginable while being a virtuosic piano player with perfect pitch, and a voice to match.!

Photo credit Clay Patrick McBride 2023. All rights reserved.

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