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Matt Ferris

Vocals, Front Man

Unbridled talent wrapped up in an incredible human, evident every time he strikes a stage.


Jenna Riddell


This powerhouse of a woman will send shivers down your spine and not look back! She's pretty special, and we love having her in our tribe!


Will Young

Bass, Backing Vocal

One part melody, two parts locomotive.

Will has a relentless approach to the only instrument that can physically resonate within your soul and move a dumpster at the same time!


Mike Caputo

Guitar, backing Vocals

Mike is an elite fighter pilot within the universe of the guitar, breathing life into everything he plays.


Tim Wainwright

Drums, Samples, Percussion

This guy lays down our heartbeat.

Tim effortlessly takes us from the top floor of a raging roof party... to the deepest underground groove!

Sequence 01.00_49_06_18.Still001.jpeg

Tim Henke

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Tim is our mad scientist capable of recreating any sound imaginable while being a virtuosic piano player with perfect pitch, and a voice to match.!


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